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Turkish Style Semolina Cake in Syrup Recipe

 Turkish Style Semolina Cake in Syrup Recipe


Turkish Style Semolina Cake in Syrup Recipe


A Delicious wet, Cotton Soft, flour Cake in frappe (Revani)

Anatolian (Turkish) room is generally supported Ottoman room and additionally continuation of Ottoman room, that successively borrowed several parts from Middleeastern kitchens, Central Asian kitchens, Greek and Balkan kitchens. Revani as known as in Turkey may be a delicious flour based mostly semolina cake that's soaked in sirup. it's very fashionable, delicious, chewy and luscious course in Anatolian (Turkish) room. Also, Revani (or Ravani cake) course is incredibly in style and renowned in Greek cookery.

during this post, we have a tendency to square measure attending to share our soft, wet and mouthwatering ancient Turkish Revani course. additionally we have a tendency to square measure positive that; you prefer our Turkish-home-made-baklava-recipe , rose-baklava-recipe , newspaper-baklava-recipe , Tres-leches-cake-3-milk-cake-dessert .

Here it's our "Turkish-Style flour Cake in sirup Recipe";
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For the Revani Cake:

- 3 Eggs, Seperated,
- 1/2 Cup sugar,
- one Teaspoon flavouring,
- 3/4 Cup oil,
- one Cup Plain dairy product, (you could like our: homemade-yogurt-recipe )
- 1/4 Cup Nutmeg Powder (Coconut Flakes),
- 1/4 Cup Flour,
- 1Cup Semoliba,
- two Teaspoons leaven,

For the sirup (Sherbet):

- two Cups water,
- two Cups sugar,
- [*fr1] or one juice of Lemon,

For the top:

- Nutmeg Powder (Coconut Flakes) or Ground Pistachio or each of them,



1st of all, beat your ingredient with sugar in bowl till it turns to pale and creamy. Then, add flavouring, vegetable oil and dairy product, and blend them well. Then, combine within the combined flour, flour and leavening. heat up the your kitchen appliance to 180°C (350°F, gas:4). Then, pour the your batter into the ready dish (cake pan or baking dish) and so, bake for roughly half-hour or till it turns to golden brown color. Check your revani cake with a knife or pick to create positive the cake is finished. they ought to take off clean. Leave the cake to sit down for five minutes before cutting into fifteen -20 squares. Meanwhile, mix sugar, water and juice during a pot and convey to boil. put aside to chill. Then, cut your revani cake into fifteen - twenty squares and so pour lukewarm sweetening on high of revani cake with a scope slowly, waiting the cake to soak it in. Serve nutmeg powder (coconut flakes) or ground pistachio on high. Revani is additionally sensible with vanilla frozen dessert on the facet.



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