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Tarhana Soup's Recipe

 Tarhana Soup's Recipe



Tarhana Soup's Recipe


When winter comes, the primary soup come back to mind in Turkey is "Tarhana soup". Tarhana soup may be a delicious, comforting winter soup and it's highly regarded throughout the peninsula. For the foremost of Turks; "Tarhana Soup (Tarhana Çorbası)" is that the much loved soup among the soups of peninsula. Because, Tarhana may be a healthy style that warms USA up in winter months. But, once you head to any eating house in Turkey, you cannot realize "Tarhana Soup (Tarhana Çorbası )". Because, Tarhana Soup may be a soup that created and consumed reception. it's a winter family food. Generally, mothers or grandmothers create Tarhana and send to their kids United Nations agency live faraway from the house. Today, it's attainable to search out tarhana within the neighbourhood groceries additionally as within the supermarkets and even you get it from on-line groceries. Unfortunatelly the packaged Tarhana will hardly match home-baked ones.

Our Tarhana soup is extremely distinctive soup and is consumed amorously and may be a soup filled with health, far-famed for its wholesome texture. Tarhana soup may be a terribly wholesome soup. In it, it's several vitamins, macromolecule and nutrition. kinds of Tarhana soup changes from region to region in peninsula (Aegean Tarhana, Central peninsula Tarhana, Flour Tarhana, Antalya bitter Tarhana, Kastamonu dampish Tarhana etc.), however, the richness in it stays constant.


What is the advantages of Tarhana! (Why is Tarhana a novel Food?)

“Let food be thy medication and medication be thy food.” –Hippocrates

No marvel why medical man accustomed contemplate trahana a superfood that he prescribed for numerous health conditions! the advantages of this distinctive soup richened with summer sun ar uncounted. the categories of spices, particularly red pepper, sweet pepper, yoghurt, onion and garlic build the Tarhana soup a healing soup for cold winter months.
Tarhana soup doesn't contain any preservatives or additives,
It strengthens the system and helps you to avoid infectious diseases,
It affects quickly against cold and influenza, helps to recover,
Since it's a satisfying soup, even you dine in tiny quantities of tarhana soup, it causes you to full. So, it helps in weight management,
Tarhana powder isn't deep-fried in oil. So that, No trans-fat,
Tarhana soup helps to lock the gastrointestinal system,
Tarhana soup is that the final supply of aliment. It contains vitamins A, B and C. It conjointly has metal and atomic number 20. conjointly site-specific herbs may be supplementary in each region of Turkey. This way, the recent and natural texture of it gets wealthy,
With its 100 percent healthy and natural content, it's appropriate for shoppers of all ages,
Its supply of supermolecule (19 g supermolecule / one hundred g tarhana),
Source of dietary fiber. Feel full. (6.1 g fibre / one00 g tarhana) and conjointly it's naturally probiotic,
It supports your digestion and strengthen your microorganism,
It preserves its freshness at close temperature for 18-20 months,
It may be consumed each as a healthy snack and conjointly as a soup,
It is low in calories. doesn't fatten up. it's ideal for people who care a few healthy nutrition.

How to create Tarhana Soup!
This distinctive soup's cookery method is very easy and extremely straightforward. Only, rehydrating Tarhana powder takes time. cookery method is actually terribly fast and straightforward.

Recipe for Tarhana soup!

Here it is our Homemade Tarhana Soup (Tarhana Çorbası)'s Recipe:

Serving: 4 Servings, Preperation Time: 2 hours, Cooking Time: 20 minutes, Cuisine: Anatolian & Mediterranean,


- four or five Tablespoons Tarhana powder,
- one Tablespoon Butter,
- one Tablespoon oil,
- one Tablespoon ingredient (it is optional),
- one l Water (Room temperature),
- one or 1/2 Teaspoon Salt to style,
- one Teaspoon sandwich pepper flakes and ground black pepper (it is facultative however we have a tendency to continually use them),
- one Tablespoon dry mint flakes (it is facultative however we have a tendency to continually use them),


First of all, place your all ingredients on your surface. Then, initial you ought to rehydrate your Tarhana powder by putting it in a very medium pot (or bowl) and filling the pot lukewarm water (150 metric capacity unit water). Stir often and leave it to rehydrate for a few of hours. If you dont wish to the feel of your soup somewhat thick, ought to|you ought to|you must} add a lot of water (water should be regarding 250 milliliters for each tablespoon of Tarhana powder),
Then, add butter and oil into Tarhana mixture (or soften the butter over medium heat in a very pot then add into mixture) and stir it. Then, add ingredient and stir around (2 minutes) till the ingredient has dissolved into the mixture, Meanwhile, add your hot dog pepper flakes and dry mint flakes (or garnish them over the soup before the serve) into Tarhana soup mixture and stir all of them well.
Then add remaining the water and still stir till the water involves boil (cooking method takes nearly twenty minutes). Stirring all the time in order that Tarhana does not settle and keep on with bottom of the pot. once the water is boiling lower the warmth and so style and add salt to style and still combine another three minutes.
Serve warm.

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