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Milk Pudding with Dried Figs Cake

 Milk Pudding with Dried Figs Cake


Milk Pudding with Dried Figs Cake


 Fig is that the terribly distinctive, healthy and attractive fruit within the region of the Mediterranean. it's conjointly terribly illustrious fruit in Turkey. Anatolian culinary art covers several desserts that contain figs (fig recipes). Our figs square measure terribly distinctive and illustrious. Forexample; Aydın city's figs square measure terribly illustrious all round the world. This delicious fruit is employed as contemporary and dried within the culinary art of Mediterranean (mediterranean diet) and culinary art of Anatolian. Dried Figs aren't solely deliciously chewy and decadently sweet; they're conjointly an especially healthy form of food. In Turkey, this contemporary fruit is usually accessible from could through to Sept. On the opposite hand, the dried versions square measure accessible all year spherical. you'll like our Turkish-Noah's-pudding-recipe 

Fig trees get pleasure from a Mediteranean climate that includes a long, hot, dry summer, that is why they're thus ordinarily found in the region. Furthure a lot of, they're thus ordinarily found in the Anatolia too. Also, you'll notice several delicious desserts and dishes in Turkish, Greek and Italian cuisines. additionally you prefer our Turkish-flour-halwa-pudding-recipe.

Figs square measure Mentioned In Holly Books

Figs square measure an especially healthy kind of food and that we consume its dried version as a snack pretty much. Plus, we tend to use its dried version in desserts pretty much. Also, we tend to like recent figs pretty much in summer times. All Turkish individuals believe that; figs square measure fruit of heaven. you will like our Tres-leches-cake-recipe

per Greek mythology Figs square measure the Holly food. affirmative per Greek mythology Figs square measure the distinctive food of the Gods. Plus, Figs square measure mentioned in Holly books, like religious writing, Bible and Torah. For example; the Christians' Bible, the Muslims' religious writing, and therefore the Jewishs' Torah mention this delicious and distinctive fruit. per Muslims' religious writing, the fruits like grape, date, fig, olive and pomegranate square measure gifts and heavenly fruits for humanbeing. you will like our Cocoa-brownie-cookies-recipe

How to create Turkish Milk Pudding with Dried Figs Cake (Muhallebili İncir Tatlısı)  


during this post, we tend to square measure progressing to share a really distinctive and attractive afters to you. we tend to square measure certain that once you attempt it, you prefer it a great deal. This afters or cake is such a stunning tea-breaks' cake otherwise you will serve it for a stunning dinner afters too. Its name is "Milk Pudding with Dried Figs Cake". it's terribly nice one in all milk pudding recipes , and it's terribly nice one in all dried fig recipes. conjointly you prefer our Gullac-turkish-ramadan-dessert-recipe  Preparation of this afters is admittedly not tough and it's realy terribly easy ingredients. once you prepare this afters, you'll be able to use cocoa rather than occasional. But, during this instruction, we tend to used java. Also, concentrate that pour enough liquid mixture of sweetener (sherbet) over the cake and set to rest for a minute for fascinating the sweetener. Please, do not pour an excessive amount of sweetener. you'll like our Turkish-semolina-cookies-in-syrup-recipe .

Recipe of Turkish Milk Pudding with Figs Cake (Muhallebili İncir Tatlısı)

we have a tendency to advocate that this tasty milk pudding cake. as a result of it goes well with tea-breaks and dinners. Here it's our Turkish Milk Pudding with Figs Cake (Muhallebili İncir Tatlısı) direction (one of vegetarian recipes);

Serve: eight - ten servings, Preparation Time: 17-20 minutes, preparation Time: 25-30 minutes, preparation: Mediterranean/Anatolian Cuisine,
conjointly you prefer our Turkish-home-made-baklava-recipe

superb family favourite;


For Cake;

- 7-8 Dried figs, shredded little cube size,
- two or three Eggs,
- one Water-Glass of sugar,
- one Water-Glass of all purpose white flour,
- one Pack of leavening,
- 1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon,
- one Cup of walnut, terribly finely shredded,

For Milk Pudding; (milk pudding ingredients)
- 3,5 or four Water-Glass of milk, (nearly 1kg milk),
- two Tablespoons of corn starch,
- two Tablespoons of all purpose white flour,
-5-6 Tablespoons of sugar,
- one Teaspoon of butter,
- one Pack of topping powder,
- one Pack of flavourer,

For sweetening (Sherbet);

- one Tablespoon coffee (powder coffee), (or if you wish, you'll be able to use cocoa rather than coffee),
- one/2 or 1 Water-Glass of sugar,
- one Water-Glass of water,

For Topping;

- one or two Tablespoons coconut powder,
- one or two coffee (or if you wish, you'll be able to use cocoa rather than coffee),
- 1/2 Cup of shredded walnut, (it is nonobligatory, during this direction, we have a tendency to did not use it for topping. we have a tendency to solely used shredded walnut for mixture of the cake.


First of all, place your all ingredients on your surface. Then, place the dried figs in a very little cooking pan, and add water, then, put aside for ten minutes to macerate. After that, simmer for 7-10 minutes till they're softened. put aside to cool down utterly. Then, drain and bring to an end the stalks. when these processes, by the assistance of knife, cut your figs into little size cubes.
For getting ready milk pudding: place all pudding ingredients (milk, corn starch, flour, sugar, butter, seasoner, except topping powder) in a very little sauce pan and cook, stirring perpetually. once your pudding (mixture) becomes thick and creamy. Your pudding is prepared. Then take away it from the warmth and put aside. Now, add topping powder and stir for regarding number of minutes. when these processes, pour your milk pudding in a very little bowl, and let it quiet down with plastic cowl thereon.
For baking cake: first, cream along eggs and sugar till they address white and frothy. Then, add the flour and leaven and whisk. Then, add your all little cubes of figs, terribly finely shredded walnuts and cinnamon and stir till you get a swish batter. Then, pour into a lubricated cake-pan (30 cm cake-pan) or pour into a kitchen appliance receptacle lined with paper. Bake at 180°C (350°F) kitchen appliance till a pick inserted within the center of cake and comes out clean. Then, take away from kitchen appliance and let it cool utterly.
For getting ready sweetener (sherbet): at constant time, you ought to prepare the sweetener of cake. So, place all the ingredients (1 Tablespoon Turkish coffee or cocoa, one/2 or one glass of sugar and 1 Water Glass of water,) for the sweetener (sherbet) in a very heavy-bottomed cooking pan and convey to boil. once it boiling, let it still boil for six additional minutes. Your shrup shouldn't be as swish as water and it shouldn't be as solid as jam. It ought to be a sticky sweet. And then, forgot and let your sweetener quiet down. Then, pour liquid mixture of sweetener (sherbet) over the cake and set to rest for a short while for gripping the sweetener (don't pour an excessive amount of syrup).
Then, flatten the highest of the cake by victimization associate knife so pour your heat milk pudding onto cake and unfold the surface of cake. Then, put aside to cool down utterly.
Before the serve, combine the coconut powder and Turkish coffee (or cocoa) well and sprinkle over the course. It is done. you'll serve

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