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How to Make Semolina Hira Dessert

 How to Make Semolina Hira Dessert


How to Make Semolina Hira Dessert


 In this post we tend to ar getting to share "Semolina Hira afters Recipe". It comes from Tokat town however it's very talked-about throughout the country. Actually, each region of peninsula (Turkey) has its own distinctive preparation (kitchen) that has been enriched over time by past civilization and other people from totally different ethnic back grounds. Tokat town is one in every of these regions of peninsula. it's town of Turkey within the middle of Black-Sea region of peninsula. consistent with the historians; many various civilizations and cultures (and preparation cultures) have efected on this region since B.C. 4000. Its preparation is wonderful and has many various meals, desserts and facet dishes; like "Tokat kabob, Tokat trator (Tokat Çemeni), Tokat grape sirup (Tokat Pekmezi), Tokat Hira afters etc".

Nowadays, "Tokat Hira afters - Soft Cookies in Syrup" is incredibly well-liked throughout the central peninsula regions. Like several our relatives, neighbours and friends, we tend to braised this delicious afters last weekend. it absolutely was wonderful and its style was totally different. And, we tend to set to share its instruction with you.


How to create flour Hira sweet - Soft Cookies in Syrup!
We treasured hira sweet and our family holds treasured this terribly distinctive sweet too. and that we ar certain that you simply and your family can love this sweet, after you strive it. it's terribly chewy, soft and delicious sweet. This direction is de facto super simple and ingredients ar terribly straightforward.

Semolina Hira sweet - Soft Cookies in sirup is nice, and soft and tender cookies ar made of basickly; flour, semolina, egg and yoghurt (if you wish, you'll be able to add ground walnuts and orange zest) that ar baked till golden brown and left to serious and sticky sweet sirup (Sherbet). The additional sirup your flour cookies/hira sweet absorb, the higher (it is up to you! If you wish, you'll be able to less sirup it soak up). conjointly topped with almonds or pistachios or nutmeg powder.

 Recipe for flour Hira afters - Soft Cookies in sweetener

Especially, this afters is prefered for the special family dinners or tea parties and friend conferences in Turkey.

Here it's flour Hira afters - Soft Cookies in Syrup's recipe;

Very good family favourite;

Serve: 6-8 servings, Preparation Time: twenty minutes, cookery Time: half-hour, Cuisine: Mediterranean & Indo-European language Cuisines,


For Dough of Dessert:

1 Egg,
1/2 Cup of yoghurt,
1/2 Cup of vegetable oil,
1 Cup of flour,
1 Cup of all porpuse flour,
1,5 or two Teaspoons of leavening,
1 Teaspoon of vanilla,
1 Tablespoon orange rind, (it is optional),
1/4 Cup of ground of walnuts, (it is optional),

For topping:

1/2 Cup of flour,
For sweetener (Sherbet):
2 Cup of refined sugar,
3 Cup of water,
For topping;
Blanched Almond or Pistachios or Nutmeg powder (also you will use ground Pistachios or Ground almond), during this direction, we have a tendency to used nutmeg powder


 First of all, place your all ingredients on your surface. Then, prepare the sweetening (sherbet) of desert first; boil the three cups of sugar with four cups of water till mixture turns to thickens. It takes 3-5 minutes. Then, overpassed and let it calm down.
Then, combine oil, egg, yoghurt and flour in an exceedingly bowl. Then, add flour slowly and knead at an equivalent time. Then, add leavening, vanilla, ground walnuts and orange peel. Knead your dough well. Your dough ought to be soft and it may be abit sticky like cookie dough.
Then, grase your palms for obtaining a decent form of dough so take walnut size items of dough and build circle ball form exploitation your palms. Then, in an exceedingly bowl place flour and canopy every hira sweet with flour and place on a grased kitchen appliance receptacle. Then. gently prolong their tiptop. ( if you wish - placed on almond or hazelnuts on the middle of every of hira sweet - bye the manner, we have a tendency to prefered to sprinkle simply nutmeg powder once it's served).
Then, bake at 180°C (350°F) heat kitchen appliance till they're golden brown, just about 25-30 minutes. Then, with a table spoon, pour heat sweetening (must not be hotter than the lukewarm) from the aspect of the recent (freshly) baked flour cookies (hira dessert). Please don't pour it on high of the cookies; as a result of, flour cookies would get mushy. Repeat this method some times and allow them to soak with the sweetening for concerning ten - quarter-hour.
Then, with a spatula take away them from the sweetening and place on a service plate.

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