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Chocolate Mosaic Cake

 Chocolate Mosaic Cake 

Chocolate Mosaic Cake

 We were very shocked, once auntie Ayse asked "Turkish mosaic cake" from North American nation. auntie Ayse (in Turkish, we tend to referred to as her: Ayşe Teyze) is our terribly special neighbour World Health Organization is eighty years previous and lives lonely in our neighbourhood. we tend to love her much. She unremarkably doesn’t eat several sweets, therefore this concept was positively a surprise for North American nation. after we asked concerning "why mosaic cake?", she told North American nation that his older sister wont to build the cake for her once she was a child. These fond recollections lasted into adulthood, and she or he needed North American nation to undertake to recreate this childhood treasure.

We had ne'er detected of mosaic cake before, however town is aware of it o.k.. as a result of her mommy and she or he build this superb course alot. per Selma; Turkish mosaic cake could be a slightly sweet, chocolatey cake made up of petit beurre biscuits or wafer cookies and chocolate. Turkish Mosaic cake could be a terribly sensible and delicious course to create. a beautiful flavor to accompany you throughout your afternoon low pleasure or Turkish tea-break (five o'clock tea).


Actually, WHO will resist this course created by mixing the flavour of cocoa and biscuit with liquified butter? affirmative, last Saturday afternoon, our auntie Ayse and that we had a fairly little party and tasted delicious Turkish mosaic cake in Selma's house. and that we determined to share this distinctive dessert's formula with you.  

History of Mosaic Cake! 


According to course specialists (dessert/pastry chefs); This mosaic cake's formula isn't originally Turkish, however like its different European counterpart, "Créme Caramel", the mosaic cake has worked its manner into Indo-European language (Turkish) preparation within the last century. Today, it's become a favourite course to finish the meal with. Nearly each Turkish mama makes this simple and easy course for her children, and even the foremost extremely acclaimed pastry homes in each corner of Turkey (such as; in Stamboul town, Ankara town, Izmir city, Adalia town etc). supply a version of it in their outlets. This distinctive course is taken into account AN recent standby formula once you ar in an exceedingly rush, and you'll be able to conjointly use it with different ingredients to place along some terribly fancy desserts 


How to build Turkish Mosaic Cake (Mozaik Pastası)!

Making mosaic cake is kind of simple. There area unit many alternative styles of mosaic cake recipes. largely classic formula is formed. Besides the classic formula, the foremost common mosaic cake recipes are: Pudding Mosaic Cake formula and Egg Free Mosaic Cake formula. during this post, we tend to area unit getting to share "Egg Free Mosaic Cake Recipe" with you. solely five ingredients area unit required for this mosaic cake, that is extremely fashionable its formula created with: Biscuit, butter, milk, sugar and cocoa.

This pleasant-tasting course has everything going for it. it's easy to form and has simple to search out, cheap ingredients. Mosaic cake is additionally a do-ahead dish that may keep for many days in your icebox and does not need oven-baking. If you would like one thing made, chocolatey, buttery, and tender, this cake is actually for you.

No matter however you slice and garnish it, it's good on the serving plate. The white biscuits type a mosaic-like pattern within the chocolate, loaning it its name. Plus, it's nice for the children parties, amusing guests, and as a part of the easy family meal.

 12 Tips for Turkish Mosaic Cake formula Successs

Use the ingredients within the proportions laid out in the formula. activity is incredibly vital in creating Turkish mosaic cake.
When melting the butter, use caution to not burn it.
When you place the butter within the bowl, take away the foams on the oil with a spoon.
Make sure that the butter and milk, sugar, chocolate area unit mixed well.
If the butter cake mixture is just too liquid, add additional biscuits.
If the butter cake mixture is just too stiff, add milk and dissolved butter.
Make sure that the biscuits you employ area unit recent. (We use our known "Ülker petit beurre biscuits". But, Marie Biscuits or any of your favorite biscuits, sweet round the bend or organic process biscuits area unit excellent for this recipe).
Do not crumble the biscuits an excessive amount of. If the biscuits be converted into powder, it'll not go well with cocoa or pudding.
Leave it to rest within the fridge for 2-4 hours before serving (or freeze the cake for a minimum of associate hour to solidify it's shape).
Make sure to regulate the number of chocolate syrup you may pour on the cake. If an excessive amount of chocolate syrup is more, your cake will be sticky. If you add less, the biscuits won't get wet enough and your cake is also dry.
If you're exploitation chocolate within the mosaic cake formula, use caution to soften the chocolate in an exceedingly pan.
Instead of hazelnuts, you'll be able to add walnuts, edible fruit and pistachios to the current formula.

 How to form Turkish Mosaic Cake!

The classic form of the Turkish mosaic cake is triangular. you'll use ready-made mosaic cake molds to induce this form. If you would like, you'll produce a triangle form along with your hand by wrapping the mixture in cling film or baking paper or plastic sheet. Another technique is to create a cylindrical mosaic cake. For this, pour the mixture on the cling film. Roll it up tightly in a very cylinder and freeze. Also, pour the mosaic ready-mix into the baton cake mould and freeze.

How Long ought to Turkish Mosaic Cake Be unbroken within the Freezer?


 The physical change time is that the most significant step for the mosaic cake to possess a decent consistency. Mosaic cake ought to be unbroken within the fridge. the perfect physical change time is 2-4 hours. however if it still hasn't got enough consistency when four hours, you must keep it for a short while.  If you want, you'll be able to prepare your mosaic cake the night before. during this approach, you'll be able to deliver the goods the specified consistency. If you've got unbroken your cake within the fridge for an extended time, confirm to stay it at temperature for a short while before serving. 

 What Goes Well With Turkish Mosaic Cake? 

You can serve the mosaic cake with chocolate chips, edible fruit or hazelnuts and walnuts. If you want, you'll be able to add these ingredients throughout the creating of the cake. Also, you'll be able to slice the mosaic cake and serve it with sauce or vanilla frozen dessert. you'll be able to prepare fondue with sauce and strawberries by cutting the cake into smaller slices. Bye the approach, Turkish tea and java go well with delicious cake.  


Recipe for Turkish Mosaic Cake 

 Very good family favourite;  Serving: 4-6 Servings, Preparation Time: twenty minutes, change of state Time: No change of state time, Cuisine: Turkish/Mediterranean/European Cuisines

Ingredients for Egg Free Mosaic Cake:

2 packets of petit beurre biscuits, (nearly five hundred gr),
1/2 Cup of milk, (nearly seventy five ml),
1 Cup of butter, (nearly two hundred gr),
1/2 Cup of walnuts, sliced roughly,
1/2 Cup of hazelnuts, sliced roughly,
4 Tablespoons of refined sugar,
4 Tablespoons of chocolate,
A pinch of Nutmeg powder for per serving plate,
Clean cling film or plastic sheet or bag, cut hospitable build a parallelogram 


First of all, place your all ingredients on the surface. Then, use your hands to crumble the your petit beurre biscuits into little squares and put aside.
Then in a very pan, soften the butter. Then pour butter into an outsized bowl then add chocolate and sugar into the liquified butter and blend them fine (until the sugar dissolves). Then add the milk into the nice and cozy butter and cocoa mixture and stir the mixture well.
Then mix the broken biscuits, walnuts, hazelnuts and therefore the cocoa mixture within the bowl. To implement this method, flip it gently with a spoon. And maintain this method till all the broken biscuits, walnuts, hazelnuts are available in contact with the cocoa mixture.
When the mixture features a thick consistency. Leave it to cool down at temperature.
Then pour the biscuit mixture on the cling film. Then unfold it lengthwise over the cling film and wrap roll or pyramid form. Then keep it within the deep freezer|fridge} section of the refrigerator.
Refrigerate the mosaic cake for many hours or long before serving. once the cake is ready, undo the cling film from one finish and start slicing it. Then shut the cling film once more and keep your cake within the white goods for many days.
Serve by slicing. Let indicate 5-10 minutes at temperature before serving and sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg powder over the cake.

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